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Masahiro ISHIDA

Chef's Professional Path

Masahiro ISHIDA has been a chef for 22 years.
He trained in Japanese cuisine and its refinements, learning above all the techniques of frying, grilling, and the preparation of “kushi-yaki” (grilled skewers). He has continued to perfect his mastery of cooking meats for more than 10 years, paying particular attention to “grilled meats”. 
At Steak House 1146, he wishes to use all his know-how to develop menus around “steak”, and to offer the restaurant's customers a unique tasting experience, by combining exceptional meats, Dashi broth, and flavors Umami characteristics of Japanese cuisine.

A Word from the Chef

I pay the same attention to each of the customers who come to enjoy a meal in our establishment, and I make it a point of honor to give them the best possible welcome. I look forward to meeting you all.

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