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What is yakiniku?

In "yakiniku" restaurants, everyone can cook their meat as they wish on a heated grill and enjoy it hot right after.
We take care of selecting the parts of meat, but for their cooking and the way to taste them, it's as you prefer.
Only salty, with soy sauce topped with wasabi, or even without any seasoning. This is culinary culture from "Japanese yakiniku".

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We hope you are well.


As the end-of-year holidays approach, we would like to inform you that we are offering a special tasting menu starting Friday, December 1st.


"Omotenashi" refers to Japanese hospitality towards the customer.
The term would come from the expression "(mono wo) motte nashitogeru", which means "to accomplish by bringing (something) ".
But there would also be a connection with "ura-omote nashi"
("without place or back"), which means that we welcome the customer with a frank and pure heart. This is the provenance of the current term "omotenashi".
He is the famous master of ceremonies Sen-no-Rikyu which is at the origin of this philosophy of "omotenashi".
It is written in the "Seven Rules of Rikyu" that he left us.
Rikyu said: "To eliminate the unnecessary, think about the feelings on the other and put yourself in their shoes. Pay attention to all hosts with generosity and never neglecting the preparations ”.
It's a very beautiful way of thinking that goes back to time elders from Japan.
Japanese "omotenashi" is characterized by the fact that it lends
watch out for invisible things.
In Japan, the spirit of hospitality is very present in society.
For example, foreigners say that even in a restaurant fast food restaurant that sells products for 100 yen or in a small "business hotel" without the slightest star, the customer's welcome is magnificent.
When shopping in a department store, sellers wrap the product in multiple layers; and in case of rain, they add plastic protection.
A service that goes down to the smallest detail. 
Observe the other (the client) well and serve him with a sincere heart and warm: this is the Japanese spirit of Omotenashi.

What is Omotenashi?


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